• Triage Training

    We are honored to have been visited by Medu-Prof instructor Philip Vriend who has endured both tropical storm Danny and tropical storm Erica in order to teach the triage system to the nursing staff. With this training the Nurses will be equipped with the knowledge and the tools to adequately assign patients in degrees of urgency to

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  • Spirometry introduced on Statia

    Spirometry, a test used to assess the vital functioning of the lungs by measuring how much air you inhale, how much air you exhale and how quickly you exhale, can now be performed on St. Eusatius. Hospital director, Mr Gerard Berkel, stated that it is his mission to improve the healthcare on the island and

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  • Midwife out of office

    Midwife out of office

    Midwife will be out of office from July 12 2015 to September 4, 2015. Please approach the front desk to make an appointment with Dr. G. Odongo as he will be doing all obstetric consultations during this period.

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  • Medical Center Upgrades

    Queen Beatrix Medical Center upgrades the medical care The staff of the Queen Beatrix Medical Center (QBMC) has been expanded with the addition of Mrs Chantal Hartman, physiotherapist and Dr Eveline Vierhout, general practitioner. Mrs Hartman has 3 years of experience as a therapist and is passionate about performing her duties. The department of physiotherapy at the QBMC,

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