About us


Our mission is to create a healthy St. Eustatius, where the well-being of our community is at the core of all we do. Our ultimate aspiration is to contribute significantly to the betterment of our society through exceptional medical services.


At our medical center, our vision is to provide our patients with optimal care, anytime and every time, precisely tailored to their individual needs. Our unwavering commitment to the principle of “patient first” guides us in delivering safe and responsible healthcare services.

Our Goal

At the St. Eustatius Health Care Foundation, we prioritize understanding and addressing the unique requirements of each patient, providing tailored treatment and support. We value our patients’ time and continuously strive to minimize waiting times for consultations, tests, and treatments. Our steadfast goal is to create highly satisfied patients who trust us implicitly, fostering a strong bond with the community we serve.

At our medical center, we believe that by adhering to our vision, mission and, goals we can provide the highest standard of healthcare and contribute significantly to the health and well-being of the people of St. Eustatius. Together, we envision a vibrant and healthy community where everyone thrives.