Improved Emergency Medical Care on Statia

The Emergency Medical Care on St. Eustatius recently received an important quality improvement by establishing the first 25 tailor-made emergency protocols to be used by the medical staff.

The hospital director, Mr Gerard Berkel, stated that a professional, high standard of emergency care is the solid foundation upon which every medical institution should build and protocolized emergency care is essential in that regard. In emergency situations are where lives are saved.

The Public Health Department director, Mr Ton van Dijk, was very instrumental in arranging the necessary assistance as he allowed his staff, Dr Thomas Eckhardt and Mrs Ghislaine Leichsenring to assist Mr Berkel in developing a strategic plan geared towards establishing and sustaining a high level of emergency care.

In August, local registered nurse Thelia Hook, traveled to the Hague for an on-the-job training in emergency medical care. Nurse Hook recently returned to the island as the first local trainer, together with her coach nurse Irene Spierdijk, with whom she worked very closely during her time in the Netherlands.

Director Berkel is very pleased and proud that we now have our own local trainer who will guarantee continuity in training and will suggest improvements where necessary.

Director Berkel would like to thank the Public Health Department in the Hague for the role they have played in achieving this milestone.

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