Spirometry introduced on Statia

Spirometry, a test used to assess the vital functioning of the lungs by measuring how much air you inhale, how
much air you exhale and how quickly you exhale, can now be performed on St. Eusatius.
Hospital director, Mr Gerard Berkel, stated that it is his mission to improve the healthcare on the island and
saw the void that could be filled by introducing spirometry to the care given at the medical center.
Dr Monique Wong Loi Sing, pulmonologist, and Mrs Rebecca de Thaye, lung function technician, visited the
island to provide a 2 day training for the doctors and nursing staff.
Dr Wong Loi Sing and Mrs de Thaye, both have years of experience performing and interpreting these tests in
their clinic on Bonaire and were very enthusiastic to come to the island to give this training.
The nurses and doctors were also eager to get started with the training and start putting this knowledge into practice.
Hospital director Mr Berkel stated that patients suffering from asthma and other forms of chronic obstructive
pulmonary diseases (COPD) will benefit greatly from this technology being present on the island.
Knowing more about the vital capacity of the lungs and ensuring optimal lung health will add quality to the lives
of our patients, especially those with a compromised lung function.
On the second day of the training a number of patients were tested and reaped the benefits of this improvement
as their treatment plan was adjusted immediately after having undergone testing.
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